Another rainy day

Emma and I were just hanging out today, getting some painting done, and I realized that we haven’t posted any pictures in a little while, so here are a few of us out on outings, from days when the sun is shining, and the weather is warm.

Emma in toy isleHere is Emma, checking out some fisher price stuff in the discount toy isle.  She is fantastic at testing out toys and can often decide if the toy is something that she will play with for a long time, or if it is something that will just collect dust once it gets home.

Emma playing with a popper in the toy aisle

Taking her places is always a joy and she is sociable and enjoys playing with other children.  She gets massage sometimes with a mixture of shea, palm oil and safflower oil.  I make it myself from different sources and it’s really healthy for your skin and it smells delicious.  The current formulation is attempting to incorporate cocoa butter, which is very waxy and has a tendency to bead up.


Emma is a jumper, and she loves to jump.  She jumps a lot.  She’s a little ninja dancer and would jump around like a tiny superhero if we let her.  Her favorite toy is the trampoline.  She could grow up to be a professional snowboarder, or a bmx bike star.  She also loves to paint and draw and could grow up to be an architect or an artist.



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