Broadleaf Thyme sprouts

They don’t look like they’re broadleaf. Still they’re growing.  Not sure where to find some lemon thyme seeds.  It’s probably not true to seed.chickweed sprouts


Free websites

Doing a little research here related to free web platforms.  Some of the major ones that I’ve found are:

I’ve used some of them with varying degress of success and am now exploring weebly with a free website advertising free seeds.  So far, it’s functional, simple and best of all, free.  Drag and drop editor that is fairly intuitive, and html editor and css editor so you can pretty much customize any part of the web interface of your site.


WordPress is a great way to keep a running log of internet activity, but if you want to be able to have any real control, then you need to purchase an upgrade, which is more expensive then an independent web provider, and that gives you less.  Tumblr is a great way to share photographs.  Wix is a very neat and simple way to build a site from a template.  Very cool.