dispopulated devolvement

A disturbance in the energy field rippled across the solid blue pool.  She watched as the tiny rivulets slowly passed across, echoed off the edges and crossed themselves before dying out.

Her grey metal room lacked any decoration.  It would have been a minor crime to include some accessory in it’s design, and one that a person of her stature could well have borne, but such things were frowned upon.  She thought of her childhood, running in the fields of far-away Panoor.


Thistle-brush glistening on the plains, clover and sunflower underfoot that grew so close to the ground that they almost had no stems at all.  She would pick them for hours and make a giant bed of them before laying down to watch the pink and grey clouds pass overhead.

She tried to remember her family, but then her temples began to hurt and she returned to watching her pool.  The cool blue field had not retained the reflective nature that meant complete peace, but it wasn’t in any danger of setting off any alarms, so she drifted back into her dream state.  Nothing meaningful came to her thoughts.  Pictures of puppies, a specific cloud that she had once thought of, children laughing and screaming in play.

Meaningless color flashes.  The pool remained relatively calm.  Old people sitting in a room.  A strange odor.  Written words.  Nothing meaningful.

The sensors that she acquired on beta 6-9 allowed her to detach from the personal meaning and amplify the source meaning.  Her promotion to Iconic Bishop would have been deferred until a much later stage in her development if she was required to train at the academy to achieve that skill.

The pool clouded over and a window opened up in the wall silently.  A small circular tray passed through the opening and hovered near her.  She reached over and pulled it lightly till it could rest on her lap.  It held four items, which consisted of her mid-waking meal.  A murky beverage swirled in a cup that she lifted to her lips.  It smelled of burning and she knew it would make her feel warm and comforted.


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