A new way to launch a spaceship

As it stands, we use TONS of fuel to launch a space ship into outer space…about 800 tons (or 1,607,185 pounds).  Most of that fuel is expended to get the darn thing off the ground.

initial liftoff of space shuttle

So what if we used a different method to get it off the ground?  Something like an electric train, or a roller-coaster, where an electric track is used to generate the initial momentum and then whatever fuel is required to finish the trip…wouldn’t that save a lot of money?  Especially over the long run, where a track could be used over and over again to send unmanned ships up to an orbiting space station, where interplanetary ships could take off without having to break earth’s orbit first.

shuttle launch

This is the old Space Shuttle:


It’s a big giant clunker, not unlike my brother’s olive green Chevy Malibu.  Very cool.  Very stylish.  Very difficult to keep on the road (because of maintenance and fuel costs).  The future could involve a version that travels all the way to it’s destination without any fossil fuels at all.  It’s possible.



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