two drops per gallon

So, I saw an interesting product on the shelf at the hardware store, in the gardening section, called Superthrive.  It looked interesting, but the packaging was kind of crazy, and obfuscated, and didn’t tell you much about the product, except that it was good for plants.  More research required.

Superthrive in new packaging

So, I went home and looked it up on amazon etc. and lots of people use it.  Most people say positive things about it, but many people probably just put their two drops per gallon and assume that it’s helping.  (there are many drops in 4 oz.)  So, I write to the company and request a free sample, which they are happy to provide, and the bottle is kind of annoying, so I put it into a plastic bottle with a flip-top drip cap.

flip-top drip bottle

Much easier to use, no spilling and much less wasted time.  It contains, “.09% vitamin B1, .048% 1-Napthyl acetic acid”, which is a plant growth hormone that doesn’t occur in nature.  Looked around and someone said it can interfere with flower growth, but is otherwise helpful in encouraging healthy plants and reducing the effects of stress.

moringa cuttings

Good news is, they changed the packaging.  It’s much easier to read and even has very clear directions about the product’s use.  Very cool.  When I look at the new packaging, I think, “oh, this looks interesting” and then, “oh, this was an innovation in 1940”.  Very cool.  Maybe this will help  me get my moringa cuttings to root more consistently.  My most recent crop only sprouted 4 out of 12 cuttings.  They were in a sunny window, and didn’t have any humidity control, plus I am still learning about how much leaf surface they prefer while recovering.


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