Moringa Leaves

Doing some routine checking of plants in the garden and found this little guy chillin on the tallest Moringa tree in my garden.

praying mantis

Pretty cool.  They’ve been hanging around, but haven’t seen one actually in the Moringa.  Praying Mantis’s are beneficial insects and help keep the population of bad bugs down.

Moringa Leaves

Since I have been fertilizing the Moringa with Ultra-Green, color bloom fertilizer, which I got on sale at Lowe’s, They have been growing like gangbusters.  Apparently the lack of some nutrient that is in the fertilizer (NPK), is what was causing the oversized leaves and probably lowered the plant’s ability to fight off the mildew.  Above is a normal, healthy spray of leaves, below are some of the mutant leaves, which I suspect are abnormal due to the nutrients being leached out of the plant itself instead of from the soil.

abnormal moringa leaves

That’s pretty much it.  Here is a picture of some Moringa sprouts that are growing in my grow box indoors.  They got really lanky, but they did shoot up in a day or two.  Quickly growing too much Moringa to be able to keep it all growing indoors through the winter without a greenhouse.  Hoping to get some funding from somewhere to build one soon.  Also started work on my new website about my agricultural consulting, information specialist company called Botanic Planet.

Moringa oleifera seedlings

I figure it will cost about $300 to build a really good greenhouse using reclaimed lumber, and windows from the reclaimed building supply store down the street.  Time is the real hindering factor since I prefer to spend time with my family on occasion.  It’s a high priority.  Tonight my daughter and I built a fort and read books till she got tired.  Good times.


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