Moringa Growing Solution

Moringa Oleifera blossoms are white and delicate.  Where we live, the bees are too heavy and break them before they go to seed.  Also, I haven’t figured out exactly what nutritional problem is causing the seed pods that survive the beating from the bees to drop off before maturity.

Moringa blossoms

Been working on growing my own plant hormone spray.  Apparently, there’s this tree called Moringa Oleifera, which is very nutritious and is grown around the world in temperate zones as a nutritional dietary supplement for indigenous peoples, which is also used as a crop stimulant.  It grows very vigorously you see.

squeezing moringa solution

So, you grind up some of the young shoots and rinse them with water, through a painter’s sieve and voila.

Moringa growing solution

It’s a plant stimulant and it’s also very nutritious for the plants.

plant stuff in bottle

Moringa Oleifera is an awesome plant.  We have four different varieties growing in our garden.  In some countries, they grow it for seeds, in others, they grow it for livestock fodder, etc, so you can see why there would be different varieties.


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