My name is Paul.  I am tall.  I am an urban explorer, investigating sprawl.

My child is the bomb.  Just like her Mom.  When she gives some hugs, it’s like NOM NOM NOM.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong.


She is a tiny ninja, climbing all the walls.  She knows how to assert herself, she has tiny lazer balls.


My lyrics are ignorable.  My thoughts are implorable.  My baby is adorable.  It’s intrinsic how we do.  From the depths of the playground to the drive-ins to the zoo.  I thought you knew.


We’re going to paint a picture, and post it in your brain.  Then we’ll go listen to a classical refrain, like Ravel, or Chopin or maybe some Tchaikovski

Then we’ll eat fiber…cuz we’re gangstas, an gangstas gotta stay regular.  foo.

OG 5000.


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