Why do I like to work out so much?

I used to wake up and feel like a giant bucket of mud.  That was just a way of life for me.  A way of life that keeps getting farther and farther from my current state of mind as I develop more and more patterns for a healthier me.

moringa oleifera smoothie

Now, I wake up, have a healthy smoothie and start cleaning and getting ready for the day.  I wake my daughter up and start getting her ready for school.  She’s learning and has obviously seen some improvements in me since I’ve started exercising because she’s started exercising also.  Now that she’s exercising more and burning more calories, I’ve seen her appetite for healthier kinds of food increasing.  Of course it may just be that she’s started eating more healthier food because I am and kids do a lot of learning via modelling what they see going on around them.Regardless, now that I’m seeing positive effects on her life, it’s definitely giving me that higher level of motivation to keep improving and growing as a person.  Sometimes I’m tempted to deep fry a couple of potatoes and allow myself that gluttonous satisfaction of indulgery, but more and more I find myself having a healthier snack like a couple of avocados on toast or an extra moringa smoothie.