Why do I like to work out so much?

I used to wake up and feel like a giant bucket of mud.  That was just a way of life for me.  A way of life that keeps getting farther and farther from my current state of mind as I develop more and more patterns for a healthier me.

moringa oleifera smoothie

Now, I wake up, have a healthy smoothie and start cleaning and getting ready for the day.  I wake my daughter up and start getting her ready for school.  She’s learning and has obviously seen some improvements in me since I’ve started exercising because she’s started exercising also.  Now that she’s exercising more and burning more calories, I’ve seen her appetite for healthier kinds of food increasing.  Of course it may just be that she’s started eating more healthier food because I am and kids do a lot of learning via modelling what they see going on around them.Regardless, now that I’m seeing positive effects on her life, it’s definitely giving me that higher level of motivation to keep improving and growing as a person.  Sometimes I’m tempted to deep fry a couple of potatoes and allow myself that gluttonous satisfaction of indulgery, but more and more I find myself having a healthier snack like a couple of avocados on toast or an extra moringa smoothie.








My workout plan

I am almost 40 years old and have recently discovered that Moringa Oleifera can help with my arthritis, which I have had since I was a child.  When I was young, I spent a summer in rural Argentina, where parasites were quite common.  That is probably what has caused me to have back problems and other muscular issues for my entire life, even though I have worked out and exercised extensively.

Moringa Oleifera Information

Moringa Oleifera is packed with bio-available protein and other nutrients as well has having some effect at killing and removing parasites from the body.  There are also studies which suggest that a specific kind of quercetin exists in moringa that is particularly effective at battling diabetes and helping people who suffer from arthritis.

Paul Sober Before

I have found that my back pain and body structure have steadily been improving while taking moringa oleifera and exercising on a regular basis.  Since I am restructuring my body and building and revitalizing muscles that haven’t operated properly in decades, I am taking it slowly, and carefully.  Some days, I have a good work-out pain, and others the pain is much more like an injury, or a sprain, or a pinched nerve.

Paul Sober sideways

Moringa Oleifera powder is available on ebay, or at zoffs.  I recommend the Jamaica Pure brand.  It is very expensive, so if you plan to use it as a protein supplement, you might want to grow your own.  I also include gelatin, eleuthro powder and a zinc and tocopherol supplement (red palm fruit oil).

Moringa leaves

I am working on my back and shoulders mostly right now since my time is limited and that is were I have the most pain.  It has only been a couple of days since I started and have already seen some excellent improvements.  I have exercised on and off at various levels throughout my entire life, attempting to get a good look, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is an awesome dude.  I have read books and magazines, watched workout videos, trained with trainers and beaten myself up on machines and with free weights till there was puddles of sweat all around me, and all it ever got me was an annoying sense that I was doing something wrong.

It is really amazing to finally have the desired effect after all these years.  I can’t wait to show you the results.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

MRSA is a strain of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics currently used to combat staph infections.  People who work in hospitals, prisons and other places where there is a lot of interpersonal contact are likely to catch it.  It can cause boils on the skin and it can also complicate invasive surgery.

Although there are currently available combinations of antibiotics that can combat this bacteria, it is by nature an adaptive creature and it is unknown how long current treatments will remain effective against it.

Once it is discovered that you are infected, you will need to alert medical personnel whenever you are admitted to a hospital and they will post a red sign outside your area.  They will also don protective gear before entering your area or touching you.

I am posting this article after reading on Scientific American that living near pig farms, or fields that have been fertilized with unsterilized pig feces puts you at high risk for contracting this bacteria.  While my dream is to one day run a farm, I do not intend to raise livestock for consumption.

If you start getting boils like this, immediately apply triple-antibiotic with a bandage to the effected area and see a physician for testing.


Slicing open Moringa Blossoms

Doing some propagative research, preparing to breed some Moringa Oleifera from several different countries.  Apparently the blossoms are heteromorphic, which means they tend to not pollinate themselves, even though each bloom has both a set of anthers and a stigma.


Above, is a picture of a bee pollinating the moringa flower.  We also have had some gigantic black bees buzzing around in the garden.  They always mistake me for some kind of tall nectar bearing flowering shrub, and chase me around.   Below is a picture of some moringa truncheons sprouting.  The trees were suffering from mildew rot, so chopped them up, soaked them in NKO2 and dipped the ends in rooting compound.  A little more then half of them are sprouting.  No sign of mildew.


Below is another shot of a bee working in the fields.  I was so happy to see the first bees.  The big ones have a tendency to knock the blossom off the stem, even if it’s already started to form a drumstick.  It’s not a big deal though, these trees aren’t really strong enough to produce too many seeds.  Next year, I’ll have them in sandier soil with appropriate pH levels.


Keep night temps above 21 degrees C.

Prefers sandy soil with pH 6.2-7.0.