50,000,000,000 reasons to eat cheese

Please allow me to list the assumptions that were used in the making of this title:

  • we are people
  • cheese is delicious
  • sunlight is an inexhaustible resource

As you may know, people have an incredible capacity for intelligent thought.  We also have the ability to experience entropy.  Anyone who has pushed their brain beyond it’s normal limits has experienced what may be described as ‘thought soup’.  If you are particularly skilled at pushing your brain, you may even be able to induce actual pain inside your head.


One unique thing about the human brain is that it can accomplish anything that it is required to do.  If you tell a group of people that they need to figure out how to harness the energy of the hydrogen atom in a way that is environmentally safe, sustainable and cheap, then eventually it will happen.  In the mean time, population growth rates in the world are reaching those points where theoretical expansion rates are being bounded by environmental limiting variables.


Moringa Oleifera:

  • is a vigorously growing plant
  • is a cheap source of protein
  • increases milk production in lactating cattle
  • has other benefits

Based on these facts, I estimate that Moringa has the ability to reduce dairy production costs by %30-%50.

I intend to be included in the portion of the world population who continue to be blessed with the enjoyment of cheese.


Writing Letters

Have you ever had an idea bouncing around in your head that you thought might help someone to achieve their goals better?  Maybe a marketing idea for some product, or a design change that might make a product more important to customers?  Well, why not write a letter?  Send it to someone who might be able to decide if it’s a good idea.


All it costs is a few minutes to express your idea clearly and to track down an address.  Sometimes companies will even send you free stuff just for being cool.

I got a signature from President Obama once.  He’s doing an excellent job.  It’s the kind of a job where no matter how well you do, there’s always going to be people who disapprove.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there really was a person who could fix everything and give everyone what they want.  It would be like magic.

A new way to launch a spaceship

As it stands, we use TONS of fuel to launch a space ship into outer space…about 800 tons (or 1,607,185 pounds).  Most of that fuel is expended to get the darn thing off the ground.

initial liftoff of space shuttle

So what if we used a different method to get it off the ground?  Something like an electric train, or a roller-coaster, where an electric track is used to generate the initial momentum and then whatever fuel is required to finish the trip…wouldn’t that save a lot of money?  Especially over the long run, where a track could be used over and over again to send unmanned ships up to an orbiting space station, where interplanetary ships could take off without having to break earth’s orbit first.

shuttle launch

This is the old Space Shuttle:


It’s a big giant clunker, not unlike my brother’s olive green Chevy Malibu.  Very cool.  Very stylish.  Very difficult to keep on the road (because of maintenance and fuel costs).  The future could involve a version that travels all the way to it’s destination without any fossil fuels at all.  It’s possible.


Bazillions of Dollars

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had unlimited resources?

I have asked many people this question and everyone has a different answer.  Almost everyone would pay off debts, help out friends and family, etc.  What would you do after all that kind of stuff?

Imagine for a moment that you suddenly are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.  You can do whatever you want.  Your debts are all payed off.  Your home is well furnished and your pantry has plenty of good food in it.  Your wardrobe is well organized with fashionable outfits.  You have a nice car, truck or motorcycle and everything that is required to maintain it.  Your family and friends are taken care of.  What now?  What’s next?

Here is a list of projects/ideas that are the result of asking myself that question:

  • piano/guitar lessons (for me and baby)
  • design healthy/yummy TV dinners
  • start an organization to help the President
  • make a TV show for kids (or a cable TV channel)
  • eradicate disease in a small third world city or country
  • formulate a cheap/healthy dog food
  • start an aquaponics farm
  • design a more efficient water heater
  • lobby for healthy school lunches
  • design a clothing line
  • invent an organic nutritional supplement that helps prevent diabetes
  • start a sports medicine center and relaxation spa
  • design a cheap electric car or bike
  • start community centers in boring communities
  • grow a farm
  • promote biomass power knowledge and/or open a biomass power facility
  • adopt 20 kids
  • design a specialized search engine
  • open a forum to discuss solutions for national/global problems
  • manufacture more efficient elegant light fixtures
  • make up a story that entertains people
  • create a sweet treat that is delicious and healthy
  • start an organization that helps single parents

SAM_1955It’s a work in progress.  Time is really the ultimate resource.  My time is all accounted for right now with things like dirty diapers, cleaning and homework, but if there was ‘extra’ time, you now have some idea of how it would get spent.