Life goes on

Indifferently, we all watch the passing moment and discover the thoughtfulness that has always pervaded our lives is at some different level then someone else’s.  That their level of perception is limited by some sense of self.

moringa oleifera leaf frond

Milestones are achieved locally while imperceptible decisions are fluctuating incessantly inside microscopic electronic networks.  Computational mass weighed without regard to complexity of goal.  Simplistic avid devotional amplitude countless discarding of outlier askance artificial obsolescence.

butter cake

Harmonic resonance, synchronous filters, harmonic interval composition script.  step composed midi chorale tone foundation

apple slice with seedling\\

The best and only knife that you will ever need is the ginsu.  It slices, it dices.  Look at that tomato.  You can even cut a tin can with it.  Look at how easily it saws through this nail and then slices through the tomato so precisely that each slice is perfect, and so thin you can see through it.  It’s really amazing folks.  You can slice like this all day long.  Perfect grip, perfect balance, perfect handling and you can see how easily you can cut up a complete dinner in just a few moments.

ginsu and apple