Mickey Dee’s Suggestions

I love McDonald’s.  Emma and I eat there all the time.  Emma eats an apple pie, or an oatmeal cookie (the pie has a lot more fiber, which is good for her digestion), and then she plays on the playground while I drink my tea and work on my homework or read.  We go there pretty regularly.

eating at mcdonalds

Anyway, so I started thinking about ways that they might be able to save/make more money, since I appreciate that they work so hard to provide us with a nice environment and good food every day, all the time.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

  • Veggie patties – Not only are they cheaper to produce then hamburger patties, if they came up with a delicious veggie pattie, people could be healthier as well.
  • Sport cup – If they offer a heavier plastic cup, that isn’t as disposable, then people could get cheaper refills, cost the company less, and have advertisement for Mcd’s in their homes and cars whenever they use the cup.
  • Feeding the beef – I am working on a campaign to get them to consider using Moringa Oleifera to feed the cows that are used to make their beef patties.  It could slash their production costs and probably provide better quality beef.
  • More fiber in their buns – If they put more fiber in the bread that is used to make their buns, then people who eat their food will be healthier and will be able to eat more of their food.
  • Healthier kids food – Apple slices is a wonderful start to having healthy choices for kids, and the fact that they have fresh fruit on their menu is one of the many reasons that I love McDonald’s.  They could offer more healthy choices like yogurt that isn’t packed with sugar, or fruit juice that isn’t extremely expensive (like it is now).

Once an idea is fully formed, I write a letter and mail it to them with the suggestion all spelled out clearly.  I like to give a graphic, or a chart to give the suggestion a little more kick.  I generally don’t waste a stamp until I’m really sure an idea could save them a lot of money or help them make a lot more money, and I have a clear way to express the idea in one page of writing and graphics.

0607131124 01

Maybe one day I will have an idea that will help me to get my farm.  Helping others is a good way to figure out how to help yourself.