Moringa Oleifera

Moringa is an extremely nutritious plant that can help many people to be healthy.  It is a fast growing tree, which is rich in calcium, B vitamins and other nutrients.  Found mainly in tropical countries, it is not able to survive even the slightest frost during the winter.

Moringa blossoms

Impoverished countries use moringa oleifera to battle malnutrition.  The leaves are dried and macerated into a powder, which is given to infants and nursing mothers.  It’s powerful nutritional benefits are one of the reasons that infant mortality rates are plummeting in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and India.

moringa cuttings

Because of it’s rapid growth rate, the wood produced by moringa trees is not generally useful as structural lumber.  It is soft and brittle and almost spongy.  It is useful for paper production, or biomass power production, much like switchgrass or willow are currently being used.

moringa oleifera leaf frond

Moringa is also useful for sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.  Carbon sinks like moringa farms can be effective at reducing pollution and increasing the cleanliness of the air that we breathe.

My dream is to one day grow moringa oleifera and manage the growing of moringa for livestock fodderMoringa Oleifera can be a useful livestock feed supplement for many ruminants.  Some studies suggest that it can increase milk production in cows and can increase meat production in many different farm animals.  I believe it would also make a fantastic dog food supplement.  There are many obstacles to overcome in order to make this dream a reality.


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