Countless descriptives

A dark shadow crossed the landscape as Jade stared into the cool grey night.  Her eyes were accustomed to the dry sandy darkness left by the moon shimmering over the sand and brush.  Nothing changed here.

Nothing ever changed as she took her watch, sitting and staring out into the prairie that was her front yard.  The wolf always wandered by at approximately the same time each night, barely stopping to acknowledge her before prowling off in search of something more edible.

He didn’t have a name, as nothing has a name out here.  When you’re far enough away from salvation to die without any knowledge of it existing beyond you, then names cease to exist.

Once you get close to the road, or close to the buildings, then things began to have names again, but out here, things are just what they are.  Even now, just remembering, hours that passed as if in a single moment, she could only describe what she felt as the moon fell behind a cloud and covered her home with it’s shadow.


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